Traffic Racing Auto Renn Spiele Kostenlos

Traffic Racing Auto Renn Spiele Kostenlos

Traffic Racing Auto Renn Spiele Kostenlos

Pict�Rmania - Unipessoal, Lda Spiele

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Become an elite underground driver in this ultimate street racing competition. Start with the basic set of wheels and upgrade it as you earn more cash from your rivals. Tune Up, Tweak, Unlock Extra Cars and Parts to get to the Top.


Select one of beautifully designed real cars. Hot Hatchbacks, Limousines, Super Sport Cars, Muscle Cars and many more. Each of them is fully customisable, including performance and the looks of the vehicle.


Sometimes it pays to take a risk. Especially when the stakes are that high! In fact you’ll be rewarded for the near misses and close overtakings. We also don’t mind some bullying of the other drivers.


What’s your favourite competition? One or two way traffic? Test yourself in a 90 seconds time trial and try to go up the ranks. If you want, you can always choose the free ride mode to hone up your driving skills!
When you make up your mind, pick your favourite location (Suburbs, Airport, Forest and Night Desert) and leave all your rivals behind.

Game features:

- Awesome real cars
- Fantastic maps
- 4 Game modes
- 100’s of car modifications
- Intense gameplay

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.1

Small bug fixes.